Clear your Clutter

Seems intuitive but pay attention to what’s in the background of your images. If you’re snapping an image of your kids, for example, this may not always be easy to accomplish, but think about your options in your given location. A blank wall can be much more aesthetically pleasing over a cluttered or untidy area, unless of course the point of the image is to highlight the chaos of life with kids. ;)... (read more in my new e-book!)

Lighting is Key

Light can be tricky and takes practice to play with but essentially more ambient light = better clarity and quality for cell phone images. If the light is too direct it can be harsh and blow out (or over expose) the highlights. If the light is too dark, not enough, the image can be grainy. 

Change Up Your Angle

New angels can make an image suddenly a lot more interesting. Play with your angels. Not only can they be more flattering for your subject it can also change up the feeling for the viewer.

These images were all taken with my cell...

As you can see the image quality is not mind boggling or earth shattering. But the composition can be pleasing and beautiful. I rarely take out my big DSLR camera unless I'm working, mostly because it's heavy and bulky, and partially because I don't want the extra steps of having to transfer images. Using your cell is handy. And as an avid iPhone user I have to say I'm not impressed in the least by the image quality as you step up in models. It's not all that and rarely worth the upgrade. Focus on what you can control and improve, to help achieve the best set of images with what you have. I have put together and e-book on the subject and share a few more tips to help you on your way to creating images you absolutely LOVE with your cell. I also talk about the editing process I use. Which is rather handy, and yet I edit my cell images often, not always, but often.

This e-book is also included in TWO tiers on my Patreon. If you are interested in learning more about photography come join me on there! You can help me shape the info I create and share. I would LOVE to see you there.