"Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field." - Peter Adams

Hi, I'm Angela.

I am a mother, wife and lover of life.  

I have four beautiful babies, well they will always be my babies even if my oldest is already 18. Life is constantly hectic and generally amazing. I try to take every opportunity to grow and learn more about photography. I'm fairly sure it will be a life long task.

I'm inspired and stay inspired by trying always to create first, before and above all else. I strive to make ART, and hang on for dear life in 2020.

These first few months of 2020 have been rough on us all as a community, nation and even globally. I'm doing my best to adjust to homeschooling, and nurturing my family in these crazy times. I've never considered myself much of a teacher, but after having to homeschool my 5th and 2nd grader, and work on preschool curriculum for our 3 yr old, I've realized I can share what I know with others as it pertains to things I love. I love photography and am now offering education via Patreon and Instagram. If you haven't connected with me there yet, go check it out.

photo by Julie Branson Photography | Family photo above by Zulie Blair Photography